Age verification for e-cigarettes

Real-time age verification for tobacco-based products with OneID®

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Why is age verification important?

It’s much easier for children to buy e-cigarettes and tobacco-based products online than in-store, and that's why having a secure age verification process is key for e-cigarette retailers online.

The laws and regulations in place in the UK to prevent the sale of e-cigarettes to those underage include The Children and Young Persons Order 2007 and The Licensing Act (2003). It's your responsibility to meet requirements. Make sure you're doing so with OneID® Age Verification.

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A simple and secure way
to verify customers' ages
in real-time

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Boost sales

OneID Age Verification lets your customers prove their age in under a minute, so you don’t lose customers to long checkout processes.

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Simplify verification

OneID Age Verification reduces administrative load and costs with an automated process, plus the integration can be done in minutes.

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Avoid prosecution

OneID Age Verification makes sure you meet all legal requirements for selling age-restricted goods, protecting you and your business.

Hear what our customers
have to say

"This feels a lot simpler than all of the other methods I've used before. With other solutions, I had to send in a photo of my passport and someone had to manually check it, so it took time and effort."
"It seemed very quick, very efficient I would say. I think this is a good system to verify your age. There is no uploading of your ID or anything like that. It was very fast and I like that it uses bank-verified data."
"I was a bit unsure what it would look like because I have never used OneID before, but that was totally fine. It is really quick and easy and convenient. I didn't have to bother with passport scans."

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