OneID® Age Verification for WooCommerce stores

Install the OneID® plugin and start verifying your customers’ age within seconds!


Verify age in seconds


OneID® age checks meet all legal requirements, protecting you and your business.

Complete market

Anyone with an online UK bank account can be verified by OneID® giving you great market coverage.

No hassle

Customers verify their age in seconds, with no live selfies or document uploads.

How does it work?

Whenever you need to verify the age of your customers OneID® can help.

Instead of checking a box, entering birthdays, or uploading documents, customers verify themselves in real-time, before their purchase, in a matter of seconds.

This adds assurance that both your customers and your business are protected.



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Why choose OneID®?

Free pricing plan

Our age checks are free! No surprise standing or one-off charges. 

Painless integration

Install the plugin, and then via the form above, sign-up to trial the product or to request full access and you are ready to go.

Only share necessary data

Customers only share the data that is required.  

Legally compliant

Meet all current legal requirements for your products and services. OneID® is certified as assured advice, meaning using it to verify age covers you legally. 

Complete market coverage

Age check anyone with an online UK bank account.


No document uploads, live selfies, or manual checks required.

Signing up

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How do I configure age restricted products?

The plugin comes with three pre-set age restriction tags that can be assigned to products using the Products tab on the WordPress admin dashboard. These age restrictions are: Age Over 18, Age Over 21, Age Over 25

Are these the only age restrictions that I can apply?

At present, yes, however we are working on future improvements to allow for a greater range of age restrictions to be configured.

Can I test this service?

Yes, using the OneID plugin tab on the WordPress admin dashboard, you can toggle the integration between our Production and Sandbox environments. The Sandbox integration is set up with a Model Bank and test users, so that you can mock up the process before integrating with the live service.

What if a customer fails to verify their age?

Customers can choose to skip, may fail, or may be unable to complete, verification on the Checkout. By default, however, they will still be able to progress with their purchase, at which point the merchant’s standard process should be used as a fallback. Alternatively, you have the option to make the OneID verification mandatory so that all age-restricted purchases are verified by OneID

Can I configure the prompts on my site’s front-end?

Merchants can manually add a shortcode to show age restriction prompts on Product pages, in any of the sections that accept shortcodes. When the Age Verification service is enabled, prompts will always show on carts containing age restricted products, and the OneID button will always appear on the checkout. The location and appearance of these prompts is fixed.

What are the terms and conditions for the usage of the OneID® WooCommerce plugin?

View the OneID eCommerce Platforms Terms and Conditions here!

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