Direct Debit fraud? No chance.

Protect your customers and your business from data errors and fraud. OneID® lets you capture the data needed to set up direct debits in a fully secure and compliant way – at the tap of a button

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Zero data entry direct debits

The OneID® API pulls your customer’s payment details – with their consent – and shares them with your bank. In case you’re wondering, we are registered with the FCA as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP).  
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Well-connected with banks

We are linked to 29 UK banks. So whether your customers bank is on the high street or in the digital realm, they’ll easily find their bank and authorise the direct debit
KYC counter fraud with every identity

Evidence to defend indemnity claims

Creates an irrefutable digital identity trail using bank secure authentication for you to reference in case of disputes.  
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Identity confirmed by the payer’s bank

Get absolute certainty that your customer is who they say they are by verifying their identity with their bank.

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Minimise customer effort and maximise customer delight

Eliminate your customers’ scamper for account details, device switches and fumbles over keypads when they set up direct debits. Point them to the OneID® button and enjoy the rewards of an enhanced user experience that reduces abandonments.  

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Get certainty on authority to set up direct debits

Ensure the individual pressing the ‘Pay by Direct Debit’ button is the one who is authorised to do so. OneID® leverages multi-factor authentication, needing the customer to use their banking app and biometrics or their online banking and PIN to set up direct debits.    

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Take the cost of fraud out of your bottom line

With a 100% digital identity solution linked to the user’s bank account and retrieves payment details, there is zero chance of an individual entering incorrect direct debit details – intentionally or innocently. That’s OneID® protecting your business from payment fraud and indemnity claims.  

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Zero inaccuracies bring zero cost of corrections

Each direct debit correction costs £50. Free up your human and financial resources from entering, checking and correcting direct debits manually. Reduce your operational costs and drive up productivity. 

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Watch how easy it is to set up direct debits with OneID®.  

Experience the fastest and easiest direct debit set up with identity verification


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Process large volumes with ease
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Enhance the user experience
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Deliver a secure and compliant journey
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Prevent payment fraud and reduce associated costs
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Combat authorised push payment fraud


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