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Umbrella organisations listed on the government website looking to carry out remote identity verification as part of Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS checks must now legally use a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP).   

OneID® is the only government certified IDSP to support DBS checks that does not require passport scanning, making a completely digital user experience. 

Please note, OneID® is an Identity Service Provider, not a DBS check provider.  

What are the benefits:  

  • Less Friction – a happy applicant is more likely to recommend your services to others. 
  • Increase inclusivity – verify 50 million people. 
  • Save time – verification takes a few seconds rather than minutes or hours. 
  • Cost reduction – No need for document scanning, selfies or app downloads, leading to reduced running costs.
  • GDPR Compliant – without the need to process and store copies of passports you are minimizing the personal information you are storing. 
  • Risk reduction – fake identity documents getting through the process are a thing of the past.  

How OneID® works:

OneID® verifies the applicant’s identity in seconds, using the information that already exists at their bank. No more long, fiddly forms, no more passport uploads, no more hassle. 

Verifying the identity of your applicants with OneID® protects everyone.

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"I was a bit unsure what it would look like because I have never used OneID before, but that was totally fine. It is really quick and easy and convenient. I didn't have to bother with passport scans."


"This feels a lot simpler than all of the other methods I've used before. With other solutions, I had to send in a photo of my passport and someone had to manually check it, so it took time and effort."


"It seemed very quick, very efficient I would say. I think this is a good system to verify your age. There is no uploading of your ID or anything like that. It was very fast and I like that it uses bank-verified data."


AV Industry Engagement & Accreditations

We are registered with the Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS) and committed to supporting best practices to prevent children from accessing age-restricted goods and services.
OneID® is also certified to provide trading standards 'Primary Authority' assured advicewhich means using OneID to verify age also covers your business legally. 





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