Age Verification

Let your customers confirm their age and their identity in seconds.

Speedy. Simple. Safe.

Fully Digital Age Verification

Unrivalled UK coverage & 100% digital

The only truly digital ID verification process with access to 50 million UK adults already enabled for real-time identity checks. No downloading, no form filling, no documents needed. 
Verified Data Age Verification

Certainty for your business

Have absolute certainty in who you are dealing with. Your Customer's bank vouches for their identity and provides verified and accurate identity data - in just seconds.
Fraud Control Age Verification

Advanced Counter-Fraud Measures

Protect Every transaction with the most advanced counter-fraud measures. Bank-verified authentication, fraud detection and biometric security shields your business - and your customers - from fraudulent activity.

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Simple, seamless checkout integration



Get going in under 5-minutes with our Shopify and Woo applications. Integrate ID verification seamlessly into your checkout process.

Shopify WooCommerce age verification

Delight customers, increase conversion



Our low-friction user experience makes signup, on-boarding & ID verification easy for your customers, while increasing trust and strengthening your brand. Enjoy improved conversion across your digital estate.

Increased Conversion age verification

Certified to UK Government and Industry Standards



Compliance - we've got it covered. Government-certified, FCA regulated and fully certified against the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Framework, protecting your business, whatever the industry.

Government Certified Age Verification

Privacy protection your customers can trust



Protect your customers by giving them complete control over who has access to their data. No oversharing, consent-driven sharing of personal information. No document uploads, no live selfies and most importantly - no hassle.

GDPR Compliant Age Verification

The only UK ID service with access to bank-verified data



Rely on bank-grade security to protect your business from the increasing threat of online identity fraud.  Have absolute certainty in your customer's identity - through bank confirmation that they are who they say they are.

Secure Age Verification

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Age check your customer in 3 seconds


Wondering just how easy Age Verification with OneID®is?


Let your customers prove their age in seconds with OneID®.

It's this simple: before buying age-restricted products or services online, your customers verify themselves by logging into their online banking, via OneID®. Once verified, your customers are brought straight back to checkout. In just 3 clicks.

How it works...


Step 1: Gain consent

In the first step we ask the customer to consent to share their age and then direct them to their bank.

Step 2: Confirm identity and age

Next your customer authenticates with either their bank online service or mobile banking app, and then the bank confirms their identity and age.

Step 3: Certainty for your business

In the final step, we enable your system to collect the information to slot into your checkout process.

Age verification step 1
Age verification step 2
Age verification step 3

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Industry Use Cases


eCommerce age verification


Increase customer satisfaction by reducing friction signing in and checking out.
Retail age verification


Increase customer satisfaction by reducing onboarding friction.
Pharmaceuticals age verification


Sell online safely whilst complying with UK Law and Legislation. More than ever, consumers are turning to the internet for their pharmaceuticals needs. OneID® provides you with responsible online retail age verification capabilities. Find out more.
Alcohol Sales age verification


Protect minors and comply with Licensing legislation. If your business sells alcohol online, protecting minors from age-restricted products is likely a priority. OneID® ensures you meet the right regulatory requirements and are compliant with legislation such as the Licensing Act 2003. Find out more.
Knives and Bladed Articles age verification

Knives & Bladed Products

Know who you are dealing with, and be compliant, when selling restricted-use goods. Navigating the issue of selling knives and blades online can be complex, with regular changes in UK law and regulations coming into play. Follow this 3-step guide to understand you how to sell knives/blades online in the UK. Find out more.
Home Improvement and DIY age verification

Home Improvement & DIY

Deliver a great checkout experience, while complying with UK Law and Legislation. If you sell potentially hazardous DIY equipment online, you could be fined for not following age verification rules. Our product enables you to verify your customers securely online. Find out more.
Kitchenware and Dining age verification

Kitchenware & Dining

Sell more online safe in the knowledge you meet changing UK laws & regulations. Sadly, knife crime is at its highest recorded level in the past 10 years. Protect your kitchenware business (and your customers) with age verification that is compliant with laws like the Offensive Weapons Act 2019. Find out more.
e-Cigarettes age verification


Protect minors with fast, safe age verification checks. UK laws make it clear that selling vapes, e-cigarettes, or e-liquids to people under 18 is illegal. Use OneID®'s legally compliant age verification solution to be confident you are only selling to age-appropriate customers. Find out more.

Try OneID® Age Verification out now!


Do you have a Shopify or WooCommerce store? Do you need to add age verification to your checkout? OneID® is available on both e-commerce platforms and integration takes less than 5-minutes.

5 things age verification experts think you should know - with exclusive webinar snippets

The Age Appropriate Design Code: what is it, who it applies to, and how to make sure you are compliant 

It's time for change - age verification and digital identity


AV Industry Engagement & Accreditations

We are registered with the Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS) and committed to supporting best practices to prevent children from accessing age-restricted goods and services.
OneID® is also certified to provide trading standards 'Primary Authority' assured advicewhich means using OneID to verify age also covers your business legally. 





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Verified with OneID

OneID® - the fastest, cheapest, safest age verification tool available. Offer real-time, document-free age checks, in seconds. 


Want to know more?

How secure is the OneID® Age Verification process?

Very secure. We use bank-grade security to keep your personal information secure.

Is OneID® a certified Age Verification platform?

OneID® is compliant with PAS:1296:2018 and certified under the Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS).

What information are you using to verify someone's age?

OneID® uses the date of birth that is registered with the individual's bank to confirm their age.

How easy is it to integrate OneID® Age Verification into my store, website or service?

OneID® can be installed in minutes on the Shopify and WooCommerce eCommerce platforms and can usually be integrated into bespoke websites and services in a few days, with minimal effort.

Not sure where to start?

Get in touch with our team, we're always happy to chat, alternatively, visit our Developer Documentation.


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