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OneID® and Nitro offer a seamless e-signing experience within the UK

With the integration of OneID into Nitro's signing platform, individuals can now e-sign documents effortlessly, leveraging their bank-verified identity through OneID®.  The solution gives the fastest and most secure method to confirm the signer's identity, setting a new standard for ease and efficiency in the process.


Nitro and OneID® share a strong commitment to delivering innovative solutions that prioritise digital security, efficiency and convenience. The partnership represents a significant milestone in the evolution of e-signatures in the UK, providing businesses and their customers with peace of mind and confidence in their electronic transactions.  

Let individuals re-use their verified identity for e-signing

Circa 50 million UK adults have verified their identity with their bank.  By integrating OneID® into Nitro, individuals can re-use this identity when e-signing documents, saving them time and providing assurance to the business that the person signing the document is who they say they are.

Fast-tracked verified identity

Verify a Nitro e-signer in seconds with OneID® by letting them re-use their existing verified identity information held by their bank.


OneID® is the only UK Identity Service with access to bank-verified data to ensure that every eSigner ID check is protected by the most advanced counter-fraud measures. 

Convenient: 100% digital

OneID® is the only truly digital identity service in the UK.  No documents, no selfies, no hassle.

Real-time coverage

OneID® can instantly verify the identity of c. 50 million UK adults, in real-time. 



Paula Sussex
Paula Sussex


“Together, Nitro Software and OneID are at the forefront of shaping a secure digital future for both businesses and consumers within the United Kingdom.”

Filip Verreth
Filip Verreth

VP Product, Nitro

“What sets the integration of OneID with Nitro apart is its uniqueness in the market. Nitro is the only solution that offers both identification in a KYC workflow and eSignatures with OneID, alongside access to a wide array of other digital identity schemes, setting a new standard for high-trust transactions.”

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Eric Peeters

eSign Solutions Director | Nitro


Eric Peeters eSign Solutions Director

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