OneID® delivers identity certainty across borders. 

Enable a seamless and hassle-free verification experience for your customers outside the UK's borders.   

As you expand your operations and customer base beyond the UK, customer verification and onboarding processes will be one less thing to worry about. OneID®’s international digital identity verification capabilities mean you can verify and onboard individuals outside the UK with the same ease and speed that your UK customers are used to. 

OneID® offers global identity verification coverage using ID Scan, our ID document scanning solution, and 100% digital identity verification using bank-verified data in the UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway.  


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Many countries. One unified verification solution.   

Remove the limitations and challenges posed by borders and nationalities from your customer verification and acquisition strategy. By bringing together three quick and easy national identity verification solutions onto our UK platform, we give your users greater flexibility and your business a wider reach.  



OneID®’s UK-based bank-verified data solution

For customers with UK bank accounts living outside the UK. Deliver the same fast, easy and 100% digital identity verification journey for which businesses choose OneID®.

OneID® lets your international customers verify themselves using:

Local bank ID solutions

For your customers in Sweden, Finland, and Norway to verify themselves using their local bank accounts in a way similar to OneID® – just as secure, reliable and convenient.

Document-scanning ID solution

For any of the 200+ countries and territories your customer could be from. ID Scan from OneID® can verify identity documents in over 142 languages, using AI-based technology that delivers 99.999% face match rate. 

OneID International Identity


Delivering higher journey completions for a leading UK bank in the Nordics. 

One of the UK’s leading banks is leveraging OneID®’s international capabilities to streamline verification in its cross-border transactions. The solution replaces the text-based authentication as part of its eSigning process, creating a more secure, robust, and smoother experience – and delivering 99% conversion rates.

international real-time identity check

Real-time identity verification

Not days or hours, OneID®’s bank-based digital identity verification method helps individuals prove their identity in seconds with just a few clicks. 

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Eliminates bias

OneID®’s bank-based approach eliminates bias, and our ID Scan solution minimises race- and gender-based bias – helping you be more inclusive and accurate as you enter new markets.

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Easy to integrate

It doesn’t take long to get OneID® up and running. Start verifying customers using OneID® within a day.   

Cross the borders barrier in customer verification. 

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