Identity Verification

Absolute certainty of your customer's identity - in seconds.

Verified Data Identity Verification

Certainty for your Business

Have absolute certainty in who you are dealing with. OneID® confirms your customers identity and provides the most up-to-date bank-verified identity data in seconds.
Fully Digital Identity Verification

Unrivalled UK coverage & 100% digital

The only truly digital ID verification process with access to 50 million UK adults already enabled for real-time identity checks. No downloading, no form filling, no documents needed. 
Secure Identity Verification

Advanced Counter-Fraud Measures

Protect every transaction with the most advanced counter-fraud measures. Bank-verified authentication, fraud detection and biometric security shields your business - and your customers - from fraudulent activity.

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The only UK ID service with access to bank-verified data



Rely on bank-grade security to protect your business from the increasing threat of online identity fraud. Have absolute certainty in your customer's identity - through bank confirmation - that they are who they say they are.

Verified Data verified identification

Bank grade security to protect your customers and your business



Best in class, bank grade security to protect your business from the many threats on the internet. Certainty on who you are dealing with via industry leading secure customer authentication.

Secure verified ID

Extensive customer information in seconds


All the information you need to safely onboard a customer in seconds. Counter-fraud, affordability, regulatory checks and credit scores all - from trusted, verified sources. And just seconds for your customer.

Verified Identity Data

Delight customers, increase conversion



Our low-friction user experience makes signup, onboarding & ID verification easy for your customers, while increasing trust and strengthening your brand. Enjoy improved conversion across your digital estate.

Increased conversion verified identity

Certified to UK Government and Industry Standards


Compliance - we've got it covered. Government certified, FCA regulated and fully certified against the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Framework, protecting your business, whatever the industry.

Government Certified verified identity

Simple integration into your IT systems



Get going in a few hours with direct integration into your website, application or service. Industry standard, Open Identity connect interface makes it easy to connect to our APIs into your system.

Easy Integration verified identity

Privacy Protection for your customers and your business



Protect your customers privacy with no oversharing, consent driven sharing of personal information, no document uploads, no live selfies and most importantly, no hassle.

GDPR Compliant verified ID.

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Know your customer in seconds


Step 1: Gain consent

In the first step we ask the customer to consent to share their personal information and then direct them to their bank.

Step 2: Confirm identity

The customer authenticates with either their bank online service or mobile banking app and then the bank confirms their identity.

Step 3: Enhanced identity data

Depending on the information requirements of your business, OneID® will then enrich the customer's personal information with indicators relating to identity fraud, affordability, regulatory checks (sanctions list / financial crime) or account history.

Step 4: Assured identity data

In the final step we enable your system to collect the information for inclusion into your customer onboarding process.

Verified ID step 1
Verified ID step 2
Verified ID step 3
Verified ID step 4

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Industry Use Cases

Financial Services Identity Verification

Financial Services

Meet your compliance, counter fraud and onboarding needs with one supplier
Insurance Identity Verification


Tackle insurance fraud with the fastest, safest Identity and counter-fraud check available on the market
Payments Identity Verification


Bolster your payments process with ID verification that uses the most advanced Counter-fraud measures
Professional Services - Legal and Accounting Identity Verification

Professional Services - Legal & Accounting

Meet your compliance and customer screening needs with confidence
Recruitment Identity Verification


Confirm with absolute certainty the identity of candidates, in seconds
eSigning Identity Verification


Let your customers know who they are dealing with by verifying signer identity
Home Letting Identity Verification

Home Letting

Offer essential identity checks for your home-letting business - just seconds to verify

What does Identity Verification with OneID® look like?


See it for yourself.

OneID® verifies the identity of your customer in seconds, using the information that already exists at their bank. No more long, fiddly forms, no more passport uploads, no more hassle. 

For businesses who really need to know their customers.



Need clarification?

What if I don’t want to verify my account?

Verifying yourself using OneID® is completely voluntary – your online space is yours to control. However, other people can choose to turn off comments from accounts that haven’t verified themselves. Accounts who haven’t verified themselves can still use social media; they just can’t leave comments on someone’s profile who’s decided they only want to see content from verified users.

Is OneID® an exclusive method of verification?

Unlike verification methods that require government-issued documents such as passports and driver’s licences which are often costly and exclusive, OneID® is incredibly accessible - all you need is a bank account.

Are you sharing any personal data with social media platforms?

No - we only share a unique code that is paired with your bank account to verify you are who you say you are.


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