KYC compliance minus the complications

Introduce the speed and simplicity of document-free ID checks to your KYC process. OneID® checks multiple data sources within 12 seconds in a secure and compliant way that elevates the user experience.  


KYC document free identity check

Document-free ID checks

Eliminates the need for document or face scans that are slow and at higher risk of fraud from AI deepfakes and synthetic ID's'.
AML compliant KYC PEP sanctions data check
Highest compliance standards

Keeps you AML-compliant with a secure bank-based ID check from an identity verification provider certified under GPG45 to a high level of confidence.  
KYC counter fraud with every identity

Most stringent fraud checks

Verifies if identities have been linked to fraudulent activity, as well as highlighting if identities have been compromised by fraud.


KYC  Easy Integration

Utilises bank secure authentication and verification

Secures the process by enabling your customer to use their banking app or online banking, and their PIN or biometrics to authenticate themselves via strong customer authentication (SCA). 

Trusted by

No passport. No driving licence. No problem.  

Unlike the laborious, traditional document-based methods, ID checks with OneID® are 100% digital and document-free. The result identity verification that can be completed seamlessly, on mobile, instantly and from anywhere at the point of need 

kyc-digital doc free

Better user experience and reduced form-filling. 

Reduce the time, effort and errors that go into manual form filling. OneID® auto-populates forms, delivering an ID check journey that can be completed with just a few clicks, from any device, and even when on the go. That’s two thumbs up for user experience.  

kyc one data entry

Faster, simpler CDD checks.  

Get the information you need to complete your Customer Due Diligence checks in seconds. The OneID® API returns identity data that has been verified by banks, and can also include PEPs and Sanctions checks. 

kyc one check

Multiple data sources for greater compliance. 

Get absolute certainty about an individual’s identity. OneID® sources the user’s details in real time from their bank (with consent), verifies them against other data sources such as credit reference agencies and industry fraud databases, and shares it via a single API.

OneID® is independently certified against all of the JMLSG requirements.

kyc data sources


How can OneID® simplify KYC in Wealth Management? 

Take a look at how OneID® can transform the KYC process within financial services, banking, insurance and other industries for whom KYC and CDD are critical to survival.  

Experience the fastest and easiest identity verification.

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Financial Services OneID KYC

Financial Services

Ensure absolute AML compliance  
Payments OneID KYC


Speed up your customer acquisition 
Insurance OneID KYC


Reduce the risk of fraud 
Government Certified Insurance OneID KYC


Run the most comprehensive background checks


Anna Money
Sergei Fedorov

Head of Onboarding, ANNA Money

"Since the inception of ANNA Money, we’ve aspired to transcend traditional, paper-based verification methods. The adoption of OneID’s digital ID solution has not only aligned with our vision but has tangibly enhanced our customer onboarding experience. We’ve observed a significant 50% reduction in verification drop-offs at points where additional information was typically required. This innovation doesn’t just represent a step forward; it’s a leap into a more efficient, secure future for our customers and our business alike."

How can OneID®’s identity verification help your business?  

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