Speed up your pre-employment checks

Streamline your employee screening process with OneID®’s unified approach to ID checksfor DBS and Right to Work. Get the most accurate pre-employment ID checks in the fastest and simplest way, whilst adhering to UK Government regulations. 


Fastest ID verification

OneID® confirms the identity of your candidates and provides the most up-to-date bank verified data for DBS checks in under 12 seconds in a completely digital way.
right to work efficiency

Drive up efficiencies

OneID® streamlines the pre-employment DBS check process by simultaneously performing ID checks and address details using bank-verified data in a single, frictionless way.
GDPR right to work data minimisation

Data minimisation

Only the data you need for DBS checks – name, age and address- is captured and shared directly with you – minimising the stored data and eliminating GDPR risks.     
RTW DBS ID Checks accuracy

99.999% accuracy

Oneid® uses a 100% automated and ai-powered technology to eliminate race and gender biases and human errors to deliver a 99.999% face match for right to work checks

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Check the identity of candidates in an instant

It only takes candidates a few clicks to prove their identity with OneID®. By using bank-verified data, OneID® gives your candidate a truly digital and document-free way to identify themselves. The result, you can separate genuine candidates within seconds in a secure and compliant way.   


rtw quick response id check

Perform DBS ID checks without slowing down your hiring

Enable your candidates to complete their DBS ID checks to the high GPG45 confidence levels in the most frictionless and 100% digital way. That’s because OneID® is the only Identity Service Provider (IDSP) certified by the UK Home Office for DBS ID checks at all levels without document scanning. 

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Protect your business with AI-powered digital right to work checks

Eliminate the possibility of errors and delays that come with human intervention in document verification. With ID Scan from OneID® – delivered in partnership with ID Verse – you can use AI-backed document scanning solution to verify your candidate’s right to work in the UK with absolute certainty, without bias and delays.  

rtw docs scan


Here’s how ID Scan from OneI, in partnership with ID Verse, delivers faster, more accurate right to work verifications.  

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human resources right to work

Human Resources

Take the complexity out of recruiting new employees 
Employment screening right to work

Employment Screening

Help your clients hire faster with higher success rates 
NSH health care right to work

Health Services

Cut the time taken in pre-employment checks   
Education right to work


Reduce the vetting time for your teams 
Government right to work


Verify your candidate's right to work


Right to Work ID Checks

From £1.50

Be absolutely certain about your candidate’s right to work.

DBS Basic ID Checks

From £0.69

Verify your candidate is who they say they are in seconds.

DBS Standard & Enhanced ID Checks

From £1.07

Check the history of candidates who could be working with vulnerable individuals.

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