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Millions of us use the internet daily – to chat, to learn, to work, to buy. With the digital world growing exponentially, it is estimated that each of us has around 200 digital identities online. Every time we buy something or register for a service online, we are sharing personal information (name, address, email, date of birth...). But as the threat of online fraud increases, protecting our personal information in a way that is safe and easy has never been more important.  

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Convenient online transactions

As consumers we appreciate swift, and safe, online processes. Businesses that offer slick sign-up and sign-in and frictionless ID checks are the ones that we keep coming back to.   

OneID® keeps your identity safe, while making your online journeys smooth and convenient. 

When do you need OneID®

When you need to prove who you are online, OneID® allows you to quickly verify your details with no form-filling, no document uploads and no selfies. Using the information already stored and protected by your bank, OneID® only shares the information that is required. Whether it’s your full name, your age, your email address, or all the above, OneID® doesn’t see, store, or sell your data.  


Advanced counter-fraud protection

With OneID®, your personal information remains secure behind layers of bank security, and only you consent to what is shared and with whom. 

How it Works:

Using OneID® will save you time and takes the hassle out of all the processes that require an ID check. A OneID® check takes just seconds compared with other checks that can take an average of nearly 2-minutes.


Step 1

Select OneID® as your method of ID verification on your trusted site or service.

Step 2

Consent to the information you are sharing via your online banking app.  

Step 3

Once verified, you are redirected back to your browser - free to continue with your online journey. 

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Our commitment to you:



Ease - OneID® makes it easy, safe, and convenient for you to verify yourself online. 



Safety OneID® is connected to all major UK banks, meaning your information is protected by the industry-best counter-fraud methods. 



Privacy - We believe that people’s personal information should stay private and only you should choose who you share your information with.  

Do you have questions? We've got answers...

Where can I use OneID®?

Anywhere you see the OneID® logo. More and more places are adding OneID® all the time.

Are you storing any personal information about me?

We just transfer the data you consent to, to companies you trust. We do keep a record of your consent, but not the personal data itself. If you'd like to review your record for consent, please check here!

Who are you sharing my personal data with?

We will only share your personal data with organisations that you consent to receive the data. We will never share your personal data with anyone else.

Do I have to create a OneID® account?

Don't worry, you don't need another account to use OneID®. All you need is a UK bank account with online banking and you're all set.

What is the Privacy Notice associated with using OneID®?

You can find OneID®'s Privacy Notice here.

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