Frequently asked questions

What is OneID®?

OneID® allows you to quickly and securely sign-up or prove your age using you own bank account. By connecting you directly to your bank provider you are able to confirm your details in a few clicks.

Where can I use OneID®?

Anywhere you see the OneID® logo. More and more places are adding OneID® all the time.

Why should I use OneID®?

OneID® puts you in control of your personal data while making it quicker and easier to prove who you are online. You can consent to safely and easily share information between your bank and companies you trust.

How secure is OneID®?

We use bank-grade security to keep your personal information secure.

Are you storing any personal information about me?

We just transfer the data you consent to, to companies you trust. We do keep a record of your consent, but not the personal data itself.

Who are you sharing my personal data with?

We will only share your personal data with your consent. We will never share your personal data with anyone else.

Do I have to create a OneID® account?

Don't worry, you don't need another account to use OneID®. All you need is a UK bank account with online banking and you're all set.

Has OneID® been approved by any regulators or organisations?

Yes. We're approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Service Provider. We are also certified by the Age Certified Check Scheme as compliant with PAS1296:2018.

Why can't I see my bank listed on OneID®?

OneID® is partnered with many of the major UK banks but not all banks are currently available. We are working hard to include other banks as soon as possible.

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is a secure way for third parties to build applications and services using the UK financial system.

How does OneID® work?

We securely share the specified information between your bank and third organisations with your consent.

How old do I have to be to use OneID®?

You must be over 16 to use OneID®.

Does it take long to register with OneID®?

You don't need to register to use OneID®. All you need is a UK bank account with Online or Mobile banking enabled.

Do I pay a fee for using OneID®?

No. OneID® is free for consumers to use.

Why do I need to log in to my bank online with OneID®?

OneID® lets you consent to securely share information between your bank and companies you trust. To access that information we need to connect to your bank.

What does OneID® do to make sure it's accessible to everyone?

We are continually working to seek feedback to improve OneID® and make it available to as many people as possible.

What is the Privacy Notice associated with using OneID®?

You can find OneID®'s Privacy Notice here.

Does OneID® have a Social Benefit Policy?

We passionately believe in the wider social benefits of OneID® and as such have a governance commitment to support and fund a Social Benefit Trust, with a progressively defined portion of profits promoting wider social benefit. The OneID® Social Benefit Trust has a governance remit to promote wider social benefit by charitable giving.

What are the benefits of signing up to the Trust Framework?

There are many benefits to signing up, such as only having to sign one contract to connect to the network established under OneID®. Please contact us to find out more.

How does OneID® identify transactions?

OneID® will keep a record every time a customer agrees to share their personal data between their bank and a business. We use unique identifiers for every transaction, person, bank and business without ever storing personal data in a form that can be read or understood by anyone other than OneID®.

How is an individuals personal data protected by OneID®?

At OneID®, we put data privacy at the heart of our products and have designed OneID® to ensure that no personal data is ever stored when a consumer uses it. When they agree to share personal data we send it directly from the bank to the business. OneID® keeps a record of what data was sent but never the actual data itself. So when a consumer agrees to share their name and address we know that’s what was agreed, but we don’t keep a record of the data itself.

How does OneID® confirm the identity of a customer?

OneID® securely transfers data between a customer’s bank and a registered 3rd party. This data is bank-verified.

Where does OneID® store its data?

OneID® keeps a record of all transactions in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in the UK regions. We never send data outside of the UK.

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