OneID® User Guide

OneID® is the quickest and easiest way of verifying your identity, age or onboard to an online service. With this simple step by step guide you will learn what to expect and how to make the most of the only truly digital identity service in the UK.


Before you get started:

Device choice

You can use either a mobile phone or a desktop to complete your verification using OneID®.

If starting on a desktop, we recommend scanning the QR code when prompted so that you can access your bank via your banking app on your mobile phone. This is the quickest way of completing the process. 

If don't have a banking app or your mobile phone with you, you can also login to your bank on your desktop. 


Bank choice

OneID® is proud to work with most UK major banks so you're always covered.

You can select any provider that you bank with. For a quicker journey, we suggest choosing one that you have a mobile banking app.

It is important to use a personal bank account rather than a business bank account as we are confirming your identity and not the details of your business.

Rest assured

With OneID®, your personal information remains secure behind layers of bank securityand only you consent to what is shared and with whom. It's your data and you're in control.

No payment will be taken from your account and no one will see your account balance or transactions - you're only sharing the information previously listed to you.

Step by step guide:

Using OneID® will save you time and takes the hassle out of all the processes that require you to confirm your identity, age or onboard to a service online. Verifying your details using OneID® takes just seconds compared with other methods that can take an average of nearly 2-minutes and might require you to upload your documents online.

Below you will find a step by step guide on the process:

1. On the retailer website, proceed as usual

At the retailer website,  you're probably being asked to verify your identity to access a service, or to confirm that you're over 18 or trying to onboard to a new service which requests you to verify your details. 

Simply continue as the retailer guides you. If given options for your verification process, remember that OneID® is the only truly digital identity verification service and it only takes a few seconds to complete it.


2. It's your data, you're in control

Whether you're trying to verify your identity, age or onboard to a service online, we will always show you all the information being requested to complete that process.

By continuing you understand that you will be asking your bank to share this information with the retailer.

Nothing else will be seen from your bank - no balance, transactions or any information not listed in this screen.


3. Select your bank

OneID® works with UK major banks to help you verify your details whilst protecting your privacy online. For a quicker journey, we recommend selecting a bank that you have a banking app in your mobile phone.

Please note that our service helps you verify who you are. Even for business purposes, we can only accept personal bank accounts unless otherwise clearly stated.  

OneID-Bank Selection

4. Go to your bank

From this screen you will be redirected to your bank. If you're on a desktop, you will be asked to scan a QR code to open your banking app on your mobile phone or to open your bank website on your desktop. We suggest scanning the QR code as this is the quickest way to complete your process.

By continuing you understand that you will be asking your bank to share this information with the retailer. 

OneID-Open Your Bank

5. Login to your bank

Only you can log into your bank account, and this is how OneID® proves who you are.

You will deal directly with your bank and neither OneID® nor the retailer requesting to verify your personal information can see your login details or password. They always remain safe and secure.


6. Agree to confirm your details

Agree with your bank to confirm your details. The only details being shared are the ones listed to you on step 2.

The experience varies by bank but typically your bank will now ask you to confirm you are happy for them to send some of your information to the retailer.

No additional information will be shared and no one will get access to your bank account.


7. All done!

You are now redirected back to the retailer with the requested information verified.

You didn't even have to upload any document or take a photo of your face - It's never been this simple!


Our commitment to you:



OneID® makes it easy, safe, and convenient for you to verify yourself online. 



OneID® is connected to all major UK banks, meaning your information is protected by the industry-best counter-fraud methods. 



We believe that people’s personal information should stay private and only you should choose who you share your information with.  

Do you have questions? We've got answers...

Where can I use OneID®?

Anywhere you see the OneID® logo. More and more places are adding OneID® all the time.

Are you storing any personal information about me?

We just transfer the data you consent to, to companies you trust. We do keep a record of your consent, but not the personal data itself. If you'd like to review your record for consent, please check here!

Who are you sharing my personal data with?

We will only share your personal data with organisations that you consent to receive the data. We will never share your personal data with anyone else.

Do I have to create a OneID® account?

Don't worry, you don't need another account to use OneID®. All you need is a UK bank account with online banking and you're all set.

What is the Privacy Notice associated with using OneID®?

You can find OneID®'s Privacy Notice here.

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