Make your eSignatures unquestionable

Elevate the integrity of your eSignatures with an enhanced identity verification that minimises the possibility of fraud. Strengthen the credentials of your signed documents with OneID®’s document-free and 100% digital identity verification.

e-signing verified identity

Verified identity for stronger eSignatures

By using bank-verified digital identity data through OneID®, you can be certain that the person signing is the one who should be. 
document free e-signing verified identity
Document-free identity verification

No need for frustrating document or face scanning that slows down the user and the process. 
e-signing digital identity

Data-rich contracts for enhanced credibility

Draws on multiple data sources so your document fields have the required verified data 

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Bring speed, ease and identity certainty to your eSignatures

Eliminate the possibility of a lack of physical ID documents or blurred selfies delaying, or worse, duping and invalidating contracts. Using the details held by an individual’s bank in a document-free, compliant way, OneID® closes the door to identity fraud. 

esign signer identity

Identities verified by banks, not text messages

Give your users the most secure way to verify their identity – their banking app & biometrics or online banking & PIN. By using bank-secure multi-factor authentication and verification, OneID® reduces the risk of fraud that comes with reliance on one-time passcodes.  

esigning identity digital

Strengthen the credentials of your contract

OneID® checks multiple data sources to build a more comprehensive, evidence-based identity profile of the user. The result is an eSignature with more robust identity audit evidence 

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How does OneID® enhance eSignatures for Adobe Sign?

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Financial Services e-signing

Financial Services

Verify the validity of your lending agreements
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Create stronger, more binding contracts
Insurance e-signing

Insurance Services

Ensure only authorised individuals submit insurance claims
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