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Safe and secure age verification

Install the OneID® app and start verifying your customers’ age on Shopify within seconds!

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Verified age in seconds

Powering your business, the OneID® app confirms your customers are over 18, without interrupting checkout, in a matter of seconds.

Let OneID® keep your business compliant with regulation and provide your customers with the best user experience of any age verification product.

Certified: OneID® age checks meet all legal requirements, protecting you and your business. Fully compliant with GDPR and BSIs PAS 1296.

No hassle: Easy to install, simple to configure in just a few minutes, tag age-restricted products and then get back on with the business of selling.

Best user experience: Verify your customers age with the information they provide during check out without interrupting their purchase.

Plans available

On our Premium plan, only pay when age checks are completed. Checks are $0.35. For more info and enquiries, get in touch!

We also offer a free plan to get started. 

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Shopify integration guide for new users - check out how easy it is.

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Safe and secure with OneID® 


OneID® age checks meet all legal requirements. Compliant with GDPR and BSIs PAS 1296.

Full coverage

Anyone with an online UK bank account can be verified.


No document upload, no selfies. Age verification with zero friction for your customers.

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Shopify age checker


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Not sure where to start?

Get in touch with our team, we're always happy to chat, alternatively, visit our Developer Documentation.


Frequently asked questions

How secure is OneID® Age Verification process?

Very. We use bank-grade security to keep personal information secure.

Is OneID® a certified age verification platform?

OneID is compliant with PAS:1296:2018 and certified under the Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS).

What information are you using to verify someone's age?

OneID uses the date of birth that is registered with the individual's bank to confirm their age.

How easy is it to integrate OneID® Age Verification into my Shopify store?

OneID can be installed in minutes on the Shopify eCommerce platforms and requires minimum effort. Check out our Integration guide and get in touch with our team. We would love to hear from you and help with the process!

What are the terms and conditions for the usage of the OneID® Shopify app?

View the OneID eCommerce Platforms Terms and Conditions here!

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