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The OneID® and DocuSign partnership provides an integrated bank verified signing experience. 

We are incredibly excited to have integrated with DocuSign, which means we are helping to add enhanced security to the e-signature process. OneID® is able to authenticate the identity of 50 million adults in the UK and this integration will provide an enhanced layer of protection to the e-signature process.


DocuSign allows users to send and sign documents from anywhere in the world and and they are committed to ensuring that the e-signature process is compliant with online safety, having taken several steps to ensure their users are able to flag up phishing scams and avoid fraud, and most recently by partnering with OneID® to boost safety measures for users. 

OneID® lets you prove who you are online using the personal data in your bank. By using your banking app, the platform lets businesses know the data they need from customers is legitimate and true, whilst enabling customers to ask their bank to provide that security. No personal information is held by OneID® which only shares your name with DocuSign. 

OneID® is committed to helping users corroborate the identity of the signatory, with verification going beyond just the emailed link - protecting the agreements that matter, without ruining customer experience.

OneID®  products go beyond identity signing, with uses ranging from customer onboarding to identity proving, online safety and age verification.

OneID® and Docusign case study:

You can find out more about DocuSign Identify here.

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Watch our webinar with Docusign - The Evolution of Agreements: from Signature to Bank-verified with Docusign and OneID®



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