OneID® and Millwall FC partnership innovates digital transformation

OneID® and Millwall FC partnership aids digital transformation in the UK football sector.

A few years ago, digital transformation and football seemed unrelated. Fast forward to the present day and the recent partnership between OneID® and Millwall FC demonstrates the benefits and increasing need for digital transformation in the football industry.

Millwall FC wanted to improve their fan’s online experience which led them to partner with OneID® to introduce their Single Sign On service (SSO). The transformation of Millwall FC’s SSO has set a new standard for service to fans.

OneID®’s ground-breaking technology, which has already appealed to a wide array of sectors in the UK, boasts USP’s that helps businesses increase revenues, revolutionise their customer journey and reduce the risks around verifying and storing customer information. Amongst the benefits from a user perspective are that the SSO process is far safer when sharing data, it is easy to use, and they receive a better customer service from their club.

OneID®’s technology doesn’t require fans to upload selfies or personal documents when verifying their information to sign-in - truly unique for this type of technology.

OneID®’s technology has now helped thousands of Millwall FC fans to register on the Millwall website. Millwall FC take great pride in creating better experiences for their fans and are leading the way as early adopters within the football industry. They are improving their processes using sophisticated technology to do this. Steve Kavanagh, Chief Executive of Millwall FC, said of the new SSO journey:

"Improving the club's online offering to supporters with a new Single Sign-On platform was a key marketing and communications objective this year. We know that for it to be successful, the user experience would have to be as clean and efficient as possible, both at sign up and for future log-ins. Partnering with OneID® and incorporating their leading technology has allowed us to do exactly that."


The future of football

Digital transformation helps the football industry to grow by utilising technology which caters to fans who now expect an enhanced and seamless interaction with their clubs, both on and offline.

In contrast to the Hayya card being used at the Qatar ‘22 world cup - a digital identity app that requires fans to upload their passport and a selfie - Millwall’s partnership with OneID® protects the privacy of its fans whilst enabling the club to provide the best and most secure service possible to them.

Exciting new technology 

OneID®’s technology is appealing to the football industry as it offers a modern approach for fans when using a club’s online services and enables football to keep up with new trends and progress in an ever changing, technology led world. You can now try OneID® yourself on the Millwall FC website.

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