Level of assurance

Level of assurance

In the world of identity, a level of assurance (LOA) is the confidence you can have that the authentication of an identity is true and accurate.

Put even more simply, it’s how certain you can be that an identity check has got the identity of the person being identified correct.

But what does this mean and why does it matter?

Essentially, the higher the LOA of an identity verification method, the more likely it is to minimise fraud and improve security.

However, identity verification with higher LOA is usually more costly and time-consuming.

This means that companies who need to verify your identity (like a supermarket website that needs to verify your age to sell you a beer) often face the tough compromise between being confident you are who you say you are without ruining your online experience and adding lots of hassle into your checkout journey.

OneID’s Age Verification and Verified ID finds a balance between these two things: we offer an identity verification solution with a high LOA that also feels as easy as ABC.

Our LOA is high as we use bank-verified data (if you want to know more about what that means, we’ve got a definition for that too), and our verification process is quick and easy as all you do is log in to your online or mobile banking and share your information from there.

To find out more about LOAs and why they matter so much to us and you, you can visit the AVPA page.

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