Modernising KYC: Why Innovators are Adopting Digital ID and What's Coming Next. 

KYC Webinar On-demand

Watch the OneID® webinar, ‘Modernising KYC: Why Innovators are Adopting Digital ID and What’s Coming Next’, to learn the value document-free digital identity verification can bring to the KYC process.  

You’ll hear from innovators and forward-thinkers like Sumsub. Learn how document-free digital identity verification enables them to speed up KYC checks, lower operational costs, and stay compliant.

How long? 45 minutes

Fast forward your KYC operations  

Attend the webinar to understand how you can:  

  • Comply with Money Laundering Regulations with document-free digital identity verification
  • Reach 90% of UK adults who can verify their identity without a document  
  • Maximise your revenue with a fast, friction-less, and device-agnostic journey 
  • Cut costs and speed up onboarding by eliminating manual processes  

Watch on-demand:

Find out how digital identity can benefit the KYC sector.

The speakers

Vainius Fedotovas

Head of Data Intelligence, Sumsub

With over four years of dedicated experience in the RegTech industry, he is currently leading Sumsub's operations related to strategic data-driven solution enablement and management.

Davinia Beer

Product Marketing Lead, OneID®

Davinia uses her experience from working on digital products, mortgages, EduTech, and digital identity to deliver positive user experiences for OneID®’s customers.

Keith Mabbit
Keith Mabbitt

Chief Customer Officier, OneID®

Keith has over 25 years of experience in IT, financial services, the public sector and digital transformation. A true advocate for digital identity, he believes having an easy-to-use digital identity verification solution puts people in control.

Ewan Willars

Director, Upstream Insight

Ewan has been an identity policy advisor for various organisations and leads the regulatory workstream for a LawTech startup – working with financial services and legal regulators. He was a Director in the UK Finance Retail Banking team and is a keen futurist.

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