The Evolution of Agreements: from Signature to Bank-verified with Docusign and OneID®

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Welcome to the OneID® eSign Spotlight Series

Episode 2: The Evolution of Agreements: from Signature to bank-verified with Docusign and OneID®

Duration: 30 minutes

Join us and our eSigning partner, Docusign, for an insights-packed webinar that'll enhance your understanding of online agreements,  the need for digital identity verification in the agreements process, and how bank-verified digital identity delivers one of the strongest identity credentials.

Watch the webinar to learn about: 

  • The current landscape of identity verification measures used in eSigning
  • Recent regulatory changes
  • The legal enforcement of electronic signatures, including their weight and robustness

Don't miss this opportunity to listen to industry experts about the future of digital agreements.

Watch on-demand:

Learn how to strengthen your eSigning process.


The speakers

Independent Legal Consultant
Richard Oliphant

Independent Legal Consultant

Richard provides legal consultancy to businesses in the technology sector. Currently, he is advising electronic and digital signatures, and the deployment of eSigning platforms.

Keith Mabbit
Keith Mabbitt

Chief Customer Officier, OneID®

Keith has over 25 years of experience in IT, financial services, the public sector and digital transformation. A true advocate for digital identity, he believes having an easy-to-use digital identity verification solution puts people in control.

Maxime Hambersin

Senior Director of Product Management International, Docusign

Maxime plays a crucial role in helping organisations connect and automate the process of preparing, signing, acting on, and managing agreements. He helps organisations navigate the challenges posed by the evolving digital identity needs in eSigning.

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