Bank-based digital identity: the missing link in solving payment fraud

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Fraud and computer misuse account for 50% of all crimes. UK Finance figures suggest a staggering £580 million was stolen in the first half of 2023 alone.

Our white paper delves into how bank-based digital identity can revolutionise the payments ecosystem, providing end-to-end security and control. By verifying identities before payment is initiated in a streamlined and frictionless way, we can significantly mitigate fraud risks and enhance customer experience. 

Download our white paper to learn about:   

  • How bank-based digital identity can safeguard your business against fraud 
  • Real-world success stories from Europe's adoption of digital identity solutions 
  • The regulatory framework and market actions needed to combat fraud effectively 
  • Improving customer experience and reduce friction in a secure way  
  • Onboarding more customers, minimising errors, manual tasks and costs  

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