Can bank-based digital identity verification be used in eSigning?

Digital signatures have rapidly gone from ‘innovative novelty’ to ‘convenient defaults’ among businesses and individuals. Their widespread adoption has been driven by the ease and speed they bring to the contract signing process.

A critical part of enforcing a contract is ensuring that the person viewing and signing the contract is the one who is supposed to. And that’s where the process begins to slow down.

Conventional ID verification isn’t sufficient

Traditional identity verification measures introduce the unwanted friction of digitising identity documents by scanning and uploading them. Plus it has to wait till the signer gets home because nobody carries their passport with them. While businesses agree that an end-to-end digital identity verification measure will make the signing process seamless and convenient, misconceptions about digital identity are holding them back.

Get clarity

Our webinar, Digital Signing: Exploring the Power of Digital Identity and Common Misconceptions, in partnership with eSigning partner Nitro, will give you the authoritative answer on:

  • The validity of digital identity in the eSigning process
  • How bank-based digital identity verification strengthens your digital contracts
  • The benefits document-free identity verification can deliver to businesses, and more.

Watch our webinar: Digital Signing: Exploring the Power of Digital Identity and Common Misconceptions

Duration: 30 minutes


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