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OneID® unifies banks, businesses and people to create more secure and trustworthy online experiences. 

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How OneID® can help you

Identity Verification


Identity Verification from OneID® allows you to know, with absolute certainty, who's signing in, separating genuine people from fraudulent time-wasters, bots, and other business disruptors.

Protect your platform and your customers.

Discover OneID® Identity Verification

Identity Verification


Age Verification


OneID® Age Verification works in real-time, verifying age or age category in seconds. No document uploads, no live selfies, no hassle. Offer a better customer journey, enjoy fewer drop-offs. 

Discover OneID® Age Verification

Age verification OneID


Customer Onboarding


Account creation, but make it seamless. Register and verify customers at the same time, in seconds, without creating friction. Separate computers from humans, fraudsters from genuine customers, without any captchas or estimations.

Discover OneID® Onboarding

Customer Onboarding


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An introduction to OneID®

Connected Banks

OneID® is the only UK identity service with access to bank-verified data, meaning every transaction is protected by the most advanced counter-fraud measures. 

We connect with all these banks who already protect your data.


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Our mission?

To make the world a safer place by creating absolute certainty between a business and a customer.

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John-Michael is an Account Executive for OneID®, making bank-verified digital identity available to consumers