Document-free customer verification in real time

Unlock the power of 100% digital identity verification with OneID®. Move beyond the traditional ways of verifying identity online by going document-free. Get the experience and efficiency that's designed for the digital age.

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One API, multiple data options

Draw on the results from the most stringent checks UK banks have run on 50 million UK citizens – that’s 96% of UK adults. Reduce GDPR risks by only collecting the data you need with OneID®.  

✓ Full Name ✓ Account Number
✓ Date of Birth ✓ Sort-Code
✓ Age Over 18/21/25 ✓ Account History
✓ Country of Residency ✓ Identity Fraud
 ✓ Address ✓ KYC 2+2 Indicators
✓ Email ✓ AML Watchlist
✓ Phone number



One API, multiple data options

Draw on the results from the most stringent checks UK banks have run on 50 million UK citizens – that’s 96% of UK adults. Reduce GDPR risks by only collecting the data you need with OneID®.  

✓ Full Name

✓ Date of Birth

✓ Age Over 18/21/25

✓ Country of Residency

✓ Address

✓ Email

✓ Phone Number

✓ Account Number

✓ Sort-Code

✓ Account History

✓ Identity Fraud

✓ KYC 2+2 Indicators

✓ AML Watchlist


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UK adults covered
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Solutions we offer 


Identity Verification


Complete ID checks in seconds  

Know with absolute certainty the identity of individuals in under 12 seconds. Bot-proof your digital journeys with document-free verification. Speed up your KYC, e-signing, employee screening, rental applications and more.   

Identity Verification


Customer Onboarding


Leave lengthy form fills in the past  

Here’s a customer sign-up experience designed for the digital age. Auto-populate form, minimise errors, set direct debits, and elevate customer experience. Take away the friction from a journey that could be completed purely on mobile.  

Customer Onboarding


Age Verification


Achieve absolute age compliance  

Verify age or age category in real-time, in seconds. No need for document uploads, face scans and all the other methods that could be faked. Get the easiest and most compliant way to offer age-restricted products and services online – knives, alcohol, gaming, financial products, and more.  

Age verification OneID


Connected banks

We connect with all these banks who already protect your data.


Why OneID®

  OneID® Legacy providers

Under 12-second customer verification 


Fully digital 
Document-free identity checks  

✓   ‒

Utilises bank multifactor authentication 

✓   ‒

Reaches circa 50 million UK citizens

✓   ‒

Data minimisation – only collects essential data



Why OneID®

✓  Speed 
Under 12-second customer

✓  Fully digital 
Document-free identity checks

✓  Secure 
Utilises bank multifactor authentication

✓  Inclusivity 
Reaches circa 50 million UK citizens

✓  Compliant 
Data minimisation – only collects essential data


How does OneID® work?


Webinar Adobe OneIDWebinar

How Financial Services can Transform their Agreements Process with Digital Identity 

Duration: 30 minutes    Date: 19 July, 10.00 am




Accreditations & certifications

Trust and reliability underpin all our efforts. We are government-certified and regulated by the FCA. Our products are certified by the Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF) and our business practices have earned us the B-Corp Certification. Learn more about our accreditations.

What our customers say


"We are dedicated to providing a secure, efficient, and seamless onboarding experience for users while empowering businesses to meet regulatory requirements effortlessly."

Andrew Sever, Co-founder and CEO of Sumsub


“Our new Customer Attribute Sharing service will provide our customers with a safe, secure and convenient way to verify their identity online, while enabling businesses to speed up and streamline customers’ online experiences. We’re excited that, through our collaboration with OneID, businesses and consumers are now experiencing the benefits of this service.” 

Claire Melling, Head of Bank of APIs at NatWest Group





“We’re excited to be able to harness a bank-verified identity into an e-signature process in the UK for the first time. OneID’s broad coverage will really simplify the lives of Acrobat Sign customers seeking higher trust forms of e-signature in the UK.” 

John Jolliffe, Senior Manager for Strategic Development, Adobe




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