Black Friday at OneID®

Here at OneID® we are excited to be launching our Black Friday deal.

This year marks our first ever Black Friday sale, which makes it extra special. It also gives us an opportunity to be able to share the benefits of identity verification with more companies. Our goal is to make the online world a safer place to be, so for Black Friday we are offering you 4 months of our OneID® identity verification solutions completely free*. This means that more companies can try OneID® to experience the benefits it brings to both their business and customers.   

Protect your business from underage sales and fines with OneID® 

Using OneID®'s identity solutions can help to protect your business against potential fines and/or legal action as it shows that you have taken the necessary steps to avoid mis-selling to underage buyers when operating online. We are so proud that our technology can authenticate the identity of circa 50mn people in the UK in a way that is safe, secure, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and certified to the DCMS Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework to help protect your business online. 

How can you benefit from the Black Friday sale at OneID®?

New customers can benefit from 4 months of one of our OneID® identity verification solutions absolutely free. With a quick installation time, hassle free customer journey and no obligations, this gives businesses the opportunity to try the benefits of identity verification. This appeals to businesses who need to age verify customers such as alcohol retailers or those selling knives or blades online. It also benefits businesses who need to corroborate the identity of their customers when signing documents or signing into their website, to make these processes more safe and secure. 

Identity verification technology is a bit like showing your passport in a shop to buy alcohol or to open a bank account, except it is done online, doesn't require any identity document sharing and works in seconds using the information already stored by banks. This means that the customer journey is quick and easy whilst providing robust identity authentication to businesses helping them operate safely online. 


OneID® has already partnered with companies such as DocuSign and Sports Alliance. There are many different scenarios that identity verification can be used in to help your business operate, and flourish, online. We are so excited to be able to offer 4 months free this Black Friday because we feel strongly about the benefits of identity verification. Being able to offer this deal helps us make our solutions available to benefit a wide array of businesses and their customers.

Let's work together to make the internet a safer place. You can enquire about our Black Friday deal by getting in touch today or by booking a call with one of our friendly team here.

*Terms and conditions apply.  

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