How can bank-verified identity enhance your online agreement process?

Agreements only hold valid if they can be linked back to the individuals signing them with certainty. The process of establishing the identity of the signer has evolved along with the signing process itself – getting stronger and more convenient with each additional method.

Bank-verified digital identity – the no-hassle way to prove who you are

Bank-based digital identity verification uses the identity data that banks hold about customers to prove their credentials in an end-to-end digital and document-free way. The ease of the process also adds to its robustness – as with no document uploads, there’s minimal possibility of fraudulent identity documents. 

Is bank ID the next step in the evolution of online agreements?

That’s the question the next webinar in our eSign Spotlight SeriesThe Evolution of Agreements, from Signature to Bank-verified – will answer. We will be joined by our partner Docusign and eSign legal expert and will focus on the:

  • Legality of using bank-verified data in online agreements.
  • How bank ID strengthens your digital contract amidst growing cases of identity fraud.
  • How businesses in the financial, and legal services can use bank ID to streamline and strengthen their signing process.

Duration: 30 minutes


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