Pre-employment screening processes hurting your candidate experience?

A sluggish pre-employment ID check process drains the work your talent acquisition team puts in to find the best talent. At the same time, it also opens your business to regulatory risks.  

Pre-employment checks like ID checks for right to work and DBS are some of the first interactions your shortlisted candidates have with your business. It gives them a real-time taste of your processes, thoroughness, responsiveness and more.  It’s their first impression about your business –way before their first day at work. And you never get a second chance to make the first impression.   

1 out of 4 candidates have between six and ten applications at the telephone interview stage or further running in parallel. It’s not just a question of how great an offer your company can give but also how soon and easily it can be done. 48% of the candidates expect an offer within a week of completing the application process. They’ll also not shy away from withdrawing from the job offer if the onboarding takes too long.

But that doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind and unplugging the measures and rigours needed to secure your businesses from regulatory risks. Inadequate background checks can lead to hiring an individual unsuitable for the role and the team. A lapse in DBS checks could mean a candidate who may not be safe for your teams and customers. And an errored right to work check could bring penalties of up to £45,000 per illegal worker from 2024, legal consequences, and reputational damage.  

Balancing ease with robustness

The candidate pool increasingly constitutes digital natives or people who are used to the ease of digital native businesses. These candidates want a similar experience in everything they interact with – your recruitment and onboarding process included.

Can you deliver an easy, seamless ID check process for DBS? They’ll take it. Can it be done on mobile with minimum effort? They’ll do it right away.

Instant ID Checks for DBS

Using bank-verified data for ID checks, OneID® offers unparalleled ease for candidates to prove their identity for DBS checks. The whole journey could be completed in a matter of seconds, seamlessly on mobile, with just a few clicks. OneID® is the only provider of bank-verified digital identification in the UK and is certified by the government under the Digital Identity Attributes and Trust Framework (DIATF).

Your candidate gets:

  • The fastest and easiest ID verification journey.
  • An inclusive identity verification process that doesn't require a passport or driver’s license.

Your business gets:

  • Up-to-date details – name, age and address – for DBS ID checks, verified by their bank, with their consent, in a secure and compliant way.
  • Access to a wider talent pool with 50 million UK citizens enabled to use OneID®.
  • Lower drop-offs with a seamless journey that could be completed on mobile.

Error-free right-to-work ID checks

The easier you make it for the candidate (and for your team) to verify the right to work with certainty, the sooner they can get to work – literally. What’s needed is a system that can verify documents accepted by the UK Government without errors.

Your candidates and regulators will judge your company on its ability to get things right in the first instance. Using a combination of the latest technologies, like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to verify the candidate’s passport, and advanced facial matching technology to validate the face on the document with a selfie or a video can help to achieve industry leading accuracy.

ID Scan – delivered by OneID® and IDVerse™ – brings these technologies together to create a seamless and easy candidate experience. By using a completely automated process that has Zero Bias tested AI at the heart of it, ID Scan eliminates the errors and delays that could come with human intervention. 

Through the complete automation of ID Scan you benefit from:

  • Advanced document fraud analysis - Intensive document fraud analysis is applied to every document processed. Advanced and consistent document fraud analysis at scale.
  • Verifying liveness with just a smile: onboard any user by linking their face to their identity document — with 99.99% reliability and Zero Bias AI.

ID Scan is certified under the UK Government’s Digital Identity Attributes and Trust Framework (DIATF). It is also iBetatested to levels 1 and 2, with a Zero False Non-Match Rate (FNMR) – when tested any real 3D face matches to a 2D face image on an ID document with 0% error.

ID Scan delivers one of the most accurate and certified right to work checks, integrating advanced digital solutions like ID Scan positions your business’ readiness for the digital age.

Your candidate gets:

  • An easy and accurate way to prove their identity.
  • Access to opportunities with AI-powered system that eliminates race- and gender-based biases.
  • Ease of no app downloads or account creation – just a link to click and quick steps to follow.

Your business gets:

  • Advanced document fraud analysis
  • Verify liveness with just a smile
  • Instant pass or fail response with a full report
  • Ability to handle large volumes at reduced costs
  • Easier and faster decision-making
  • A completely compliant solution certified by the UK Government

A lot is tied to pre-employment screening, especially when building a remote or hybrid team. It gives them their first experience of how digitally-tuned your business is, how quickly they can navigate through processes, and, most importantly, how easy it is to get work done. So, don’t just look at it as a regulatory checkbox to tick. Instead, consider it an integral part of the employee onboarding experience.

If you'd like to learn more about how ID Scan can help your business with their pre-employment ID checks, speak to a member of the team today!

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