UK identity tech start-up, OneID®, appoints David Bell as a new Board member.

UK identity tech start-up, OneID®, appoints David Bell as a new Board member.

David Bell joins the OneID® Board as a Non-Executive Director. This comes as OneID® continues to grow and amidst increasing demand for digital identity technology in the UK. 

OneID® adds to their Board team

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Digital identity tech company, OneID®, welcomes David Bell as a Non-Executive Director. David has over 35 years of experience in senior Executive, and Non-Executive, roles having held significant positions with major global corporations, start-ups and SME’s. He is dedicated to building strong brands and customer relationships to contribute to rapid business growth

Of this new role, David stated: "I am really excited to join the Board of OneID® and to help the business make the digital world a safer place for everyone."

What is OneID®?

OneID® is a government-certified, UK-based identity tech company making it easier for people to prove who they are online by accessing bank-verified and secured data. This ground-breaking technology can authenticate the identity of circa 50mn people in the UK in a way that is safe and secure, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and certified to the DCMS Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework. OneID®’s products have already appealed to a wide range of businesses in the UK who have enabled their customers to authenticate their identity online quickly and safely.  
OneID® was launched in 2019 and founded with a strong social purpose. The company is a certified B-Corp that aims to be the first privately funded public utility and is dedicated to having a positive social impact by creating trust online. Their technology enables businesses and individuals to operate online in a truly safe manner whilst also protecting data and privacy; OneID® does not store or exploit any personal data. 

Regarding David’s appointment to the board, CEO of OneID®, Martin Wilson, said: “our purpose is to make the online world a safer place for businesses and consumers. David’s extensive commercial and consumer experience will be invaluable as we build partnerships with business customers whilst keeping the safety and security of all UK citizens at the forefront.” 


In recent months, OneID®, has gained new partnerships with companies such as DocuSign and Sports Alliance. This, and the addition of David joining the board, is a display of progress for digital identity in the UK. It also conveys the multi-sector demand for making online experiences safer. Digital identity technology is becoming an increasingly in-demand solution to digital and sociological problems including fraud, online abuse and identity theft.  

These are exciting times for OneID® and David joins the board as OneID® is ready to expand quickly with its proven products and accelerate growth to protect more businesses in 2023.   

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