How digital identity leaders protect their families online

WWW. World Wild Web. It doesn’t take a lot for something to go wrong here. A message here, an email there, a video playlist, an app download – that’s all it takes to compromise your loved ones’ safety.

As a company united by its purpose to make the world a safer place, we decided to look inward on Safer Internet Day and understand the personal strategies our team members use to protect their families.

Creating a safe space online and offline

Meet Adrian, our Head of Market Development, whose use of family ID when getting his daughter her first phone shows a thoughtful introduction to the internet. He would get notifications before an app download – allowing him to curate a secure digital space for his daughter by assessing age appropriateness and content. He clarifies that the intent is not to create a nanny state but stresses the importance of informed guidance.

Davinia, our Product Manager, has prioritised creating an environment of openness and trust where her children can come to her and talk about things without hesitation. Additionally, she utilises parental controls on their devices to create a safer online environment.

Creating a circle of trust where your family, especially the younger ones, feel comfortable talking openly about their online experiences is the first step to online safety, according to Keith, Chief Customer Officer at OneID®. Giving your family the space to discuss what they’ve seen online and ask for advice when unsure – just as they would in real life – is crucial to nurturing internet-smart individuals.

Enabling them to tackle whatever the internet throws

Recognising the internet's constant accessibility, Davinia has established dedicated ‘no-screen times’ to prevent children from getting overwhelmed and foster offline activities. That said, she also emphasises the internet's positive opportunities, aiming to maximise its potential while minimising negative impacts. Moreover, she actively involves her children in recognising and handling online threats by sharing examples of scam emails and teaching them to refrain from clicking doubtful links without consulting an adult first.

Becca, the Business Manager at OneID®, echoes a similar strategy to help her child avoid the dangers of the online world. From using safe internet settings on platforms to educating her on how to use the internet safely, she has thought through an approach for her youngster well in advance.

Stuart, Chief Product Officer, advocates for a curated list of trusted sites, acknowledging the broader landscape of online risks to which anyone can fall prey – irrespective of age. He talks about the need for cautious scepticism when being online. As humans, our default approach is to trust people, which is what fraudsters exploit. We should default to being aware and alert without being alarmed. Stuart urges a collective shift in mindset, advocating for digital literacy that instils caution in our loved ones without stifling their digital exploration.

P.A.U.S.E for a Safe Internet Experience

Place no-screen-times to prevent overwhelm.

Adopt cautious scepticism.

Use parental controls.

Share a safe sites list.

Educate how to spot scam emails.

Creating a Safe space for open conversations

 Simplifying and securing the digital journeys of your loved ones

Every parent has their strategies for protecting their loved ones online. At OneID®, we believe, along with these tailored measures, there should also be a method that could be widely adopted with greater ease. Making digital identity verification a part of our daily digital habits is the simplest way to ensure that our loved ones have secure digital experiences.  

Learn how the Online Safety Act can make the Internet safer for children and how OneID® simplifies
 digital identity verification.    

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