OneID® announces partnership with credit reference agency AperiData

OneID® is thrilled to announce its exciting partnership with premier credit reference agency AperiData.

This new partnership combines the unique bank-verified identification of OneID® with the transformative real-time consumer credit insights of AperiData that power instant, responsible and ethical credit decisions.

"We are excited at the possibilities that will be unlocked for many sectors by working together to offer a powerful blend of AperiData’s real-time financial and risk insights with OneID’s innovative customer authentication capabilities."

Stephen Ashworth - CEO, AperiData.

Both companies share the goal of creating simplicity and security for the customer, combining ID capabilities with the risk insights provided by open banking to enable customers to know the consumer and understand the consumers financial position. Real-time identity checks combined with real-time affordability checks achieve exactly this, enabling lenders to make quick and fair decisions, giving both the company and consumer more confidence that they are making the right decision.

This type of collaboration is not just limited to income verification; it has widespread use cases, including automated direct debit set-up/reinstatement, enhanced employee screening process and ethical gambling.

“A partnership with Aperidata is a natural fit for OneID. Bringing the power of bank-verified digital identity and AI-powered real-time credit analysis gives our joint customers a better way to support their customers with their credit decision-making.

As a BCorp that aims to make the world a safer place, we are delighted to be working with a partner that holds similar values”.

Stuart Kempster - Chief Product Officer, OneID®

About OneID® 

OneID® is the only provider of truly digital, real-time identity services that create absolute certainty between a business and a customer in the fastest, cheapest, and safest way. Our digital ID services use the most advanced counter-fraud measures to help protect banks, businesses, and consumers from online identity fraud. By streamlining existing ID processes, including payments, direct debits, onboarding and more, we help businesses reduce operational costs, increase sales, and improve customer engagement.  

As the only UK Identity Service with access to bank-verified data, c. 50m UK adults are already set up to use OneID® for real-time verification. OneID® is government-certified, regulated by the FCA and is a BCorp business.  

Headquartered in the UK, we have brought together the best people in Digital Identity, Payments, Banking, Technology and Government to ensure we make the world a safer place.

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About AperiData.

AperiData is an FCA authorised Credit Reference Agency and Open Banking provider that uses financial data to provide real-time risk insights.

Through connections to the UKs banks, they harness the power of Open Banking to make financial and affordability assessments better and fairer for consumers.  They are revolutionising credit scoring and lending processes that power instant, responsible, and ethical credit decisions.

What sets them apart is their decades of global experience in the world of credit risk management and data analytics, providing them with an in-depth understanding of client needs, as well as an unparalleled insight into the best services that can be derived from the Open Banking initiative.

Their API-first, intelligent AI-powered products empower organisations to serve their customers digitally, more accurately and in real-time, providing fairer outcomes for all.

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