OneID® announces partnership with digital identity platform Luciditi

OneID® is thrilled to announce its partnership with Arissian Ltd and their flagship digital identity platform Luciditi for Identity Verification and Age Assurance.

Arissian’s CEO, Ian Moody, said: “We are always looking for ways to improve the user journey for ID and Age Verification. With OneID, we can use Open Banking as a trusted source of key identity data, saving time and reducing cost.  Working with OneID has been a pleasure and they understood our requirements as well as those of our customers right from the start.  We look forward to a strong partnership that will help us achieve our shared vision of making people’s lives easier through digital identity technology, keeping data safe and eliminating impersonation fraud.”

This integration allows UK citizens to bring the security of OneID® open banking integration to the Luciditi identity and age verification proofing services, providing users more choice and convenience.

The timing of our partnership is especially relevant as Ofcom releases its new guidance on Part 5 of the Online Safety Act, which aims to protect children from online pornography. With Open Banking verification, we can offer a new and highly effective way for adults to prove their age quickly and anonymously.

Keith Mabbitt, Chief Customer Officer at OneID® says about the partnership “Right from our first meeting it was clear that we are both aligned in our vision to make digital identity accessible to everyone while prioritising safety and simplicity as integral components of our approach.”

About OneID®

OneID® is the only provider of truly digital, real-time identity services that create absolute certainty between a business and a customer, in the fastest, cheapest and safest way. Our digital ID services use the most advanced counter-fraud measures to help protect banks, businesses and consumers from online identity fraud. By streamlining existing ID processes, including payments, direct debits, onboarding and more, we help businesses reduce operational costs, increase sales and improve customer engagement. 

As the only UK Identity Service with access to bank-verified data, c. 50m UK adults are already set up to use OneID®, for real-time verification. OneID® is government-certified, regulated by the FCA and is a BCorp business.  

Headquartered in the UK, we have brought together the best people in Digital Identity, Payments, Banking, Technology and Government to ensure we make the world a safer place. 

About Arissian Ltd:

Arissian are trusted service providers across Education, Healthcare, Transport and Defence and provide the Luciditi reuseable Identity platform certified under the DSIT DIATF framework as well as the first PASS Scheme certified digital proof of age card.

Luciditi™ is a true ‘Digital Identity Platform’ offering identity and fraud-reducing applications with Re-usable Digital Identity technology at its core.

Luciditi™  provides trust between unconnected parties using verifiable claims that help relaying parties save money and reduce fraud.  Crucially, users remain in control of their own data – they choose what to share, for how long and can revoke access at any time.

As a DIATF approved Digital Identity Service Provider and PASS Digital Proof of Age Card Issuer, all identities enrolled onto our platform are verified to a high standard.  Those relying on identity-derived proof can be confident that individuals are who they claim to be.

Relying Parties can integrate features via API, SDK or Plugin or use it standalone via Web or Mobile app.  Notable features include:

  • Re-usable Digital Identity (Personal Data Store & App)
  • Identity Verification as a Service (DIATF)
  • Real-time Consent (Remote and In Person)
  • Real-time Data Exchange (Remote and In Person)
  • Certified Digital Credentials (PASS Digital Proof of Age for 16+)
  • Custom Digital Credentials
  • Passwordless Authentication (FIDO2)

Luciditi™ is a Trademark of Arissian Ltd

To learn more visit: and

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