OneID® named supplier to Crown Commercial Services’ Open Banking DPS

Public sector bodies and organisations will now be able to procure Identity Services from the UK’s only bank-verified identity service provider. 

OneID®, the UK’s leading document-free digital identity verification service provider, has been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Services' (CCS) Open Banking Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). OneID®’s appointment will enable UK government departments and the wider public sector to use the faster and more secure open banking rails to verify an individual’s identity when providing services to citizens.

OneID® is the first open banking provider to join the DPS that is also certified by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology for providing identity services.

DSIT’s Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework has assessed OneID® against strict standards of privacy, inclusivity and transparency of data use, which in turn gives local authorities, the NHS, and other UK government departments confidence when choosing an identity service provider. 

Strengthening the UK’s digital infrastructure

OneID®, by using bank-verified data, can enable a wide range of public sector authorities to protect against the risk of payments made in error or made fraudulently. 

For example, a local authority can now choose OneID® to verify the identities of its residents applying for benefits, through a very simple integration of the OneID® API into their online application process. With the consent of the user, OneID® verifies their identity using their bank and in strict compliance with GDPR, securely passes the result to the authority simply and securely and within seconds.  

As an FCA-registered Account Information Service Provider (AISP), OneID® provides the highest level of protection against fraud, eliminating errors and expediting a traditionally slow but critical process. 

Simplifying and securing the digital journeys of individuals and government bodies 

OneID® gives around 50 million individuals in the UK the safest, fastest and easiest way to prove their identity. Using the open banking infrastructure, OneID® creates absolute certainty between individuals and the government in a completely document-free way. 

DocuSign, Adobe, and NatWest users are already experiencing the benefits of OneID®. 

About OneID®  

OneID® is the only document-free and truly digital identity service provider that creates absolute certainty between an organisation and an individual in real-time. By leveraging bank-verified data, OneID® brings speed, simplicity and compliance to the digital identification process.  

Our digital ID services use the most advanced counter-fraud measures to help protect banks, businesses, government and individuals from online identity fraud. By streamlining existing ID processes, including payments, direct debits, onboarding and more, we help reduce operational costs, and improve customer engagement.  

As the UK’s only identity service with access to bank-verified information, around 50 million individuals in the UK can use OneID® to prove their credentials online – instantly, without any app download, or account creation. OneID® is government-certified, regulated by the FCA and is a B Corp business.  

Headquartered in the UK, we have brought together the best people in Digital Identity, Payments, Banking, Technology and Government to ensure we make the world a safer place.  

About Crown Commercial Services 

Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2021-22, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits equal to £2.8 billion - supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers. 

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