Digital Identity and Dating

As romance scams sharply increase, dating websites and apps can make online dating safer using OneID® 

Our goal here at OneID® is to make the online world a safer one. One of the things our digital identity solutions can do is help to reduce fraud. By using our digital identity solutions in the online dating world, we can help to reduce the amount of people that fall victim to romance fraud. 

Online Relationships Increase


How can digital identity reduce the risk of romance fraud?  

In the UK alone, 1 in 3 romantic relationships start online. This number is set to increase, which means unfortunately, so will the risk of romance fraud. Romance fraud is a scam created by fraudsters where someone is tricked into sending money after believing that they have developed a genuine connection with someone online.

In the first half 2021 over £15 million was lost to romance scams, a startling statistic, which will only increase as more and more people search for love online. Those who fall victim are left financially and emotionally scarred. Fraudsters are often convincing, charismatic and costs victims millions each year.

As romance scams are on the increase, it is imperative that something comes into place to protect people before we see even more victims of these online scams. As online dating is a digital environment, this can leave people vulnerable as it is easy for fraudsters to create fake personas online that are believable and masks their sinister intentions when there isn't something like digital identity in place to add an extra layer of protection. 

Be safe online

This is where digital identity comes in. Here at OneID® we have perfected digital identity solutions to help protect people operating online. By utilising a digital identity solution, online dating websites and apps can help to ensure that those joining the site are who, and where, they say they are. This would help to protect their users. 

Our quick and simple to use identity solutions verify identity in seconds, doesn't hold or exploit any user data and ensures that scammers and fraudsters cannot easily create fake identities in the online world. Users can simply choose to use OneID® as part of the user journey, similar to the way they would choose to engage in PayPal or Klarna, their identity is then authenticated and they are returned back to the original page on the website or app. 

Don't wait - find out how identity can help protect your website, app and users now!

OneID® has already partnered with companies such as DocuSign and Sports Alliance. Online dating is another example of how OneID® can help you to make the internet a safer place for your business and users! You can enquire about our digital identity solutions by getting in touch today or by booking a call with one of our friendly team here.

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