Proud to be B Corp Certified...

It’s official – OneID® is B Corp certified!



From day one, we set out to build a company with a culture and values that seek to drive positive change in everything we do. As part of that quest, we’ve had our eyes on this achievement since the beginning.

Martin Wilson, our CEO, said “Thanks to the hard work and dedication from everyone in OneID® and all we’ve accomplished over the past two years, becoming a certified B Corp came very naturally to us.”

What is a B Corp company?

B Corp is a certification awarded to companies that are dedicated to using their businesses as a force for good. B Corp businesses meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability to all their stakeholders. So basically, recognition for living our values.

“The application process is very rigorous, as it should be,” continued Martin, “but it was great to see that the culture we have nurtured in DIN meant that we were already meeting pretty much all B Corp requirements”.

Richard Little, our Chairman, said “Digital Identity Net is all about the future; we’re addressing problems that some people aren’t even aware of yet. The social problems arising from identity risk - fraud, trolling, market friction - need to be reduced. Our core mission as a business, to verify people’s identities online, makes this an important business. Adding to it the style of a B Corp, makes me especially proud of both what we're doing and how we are doing it." 

Being a B Corp isn’t just about getting the certificate though. This is just the start, and we can’t wait to keep sharing with you what we’re doing, who we’re helping, and how we’re improving.


Here’s a little insight into what we’ve been up to recently that contributed to us achieving our B Corp status.


The OneID® business

We’re driven to find areas where our product, OneID®, can help people.


Our vision is to be the number one digital identity service in the UK, whilst always working with integrity, providing highly secure services, and, most importantly, adding value to society.  


Our business structure ensures we stay true to this vision. We have a Social Benefit Trust to guide our business activity, so it contributes to our social purpose, and a OneID® Trust Scheme that enables us to build an online society where people and organisations are safe and trust each other.  


The OneID® team

We’ve worked really hard to make OneID® a great place to work. We are proud to be a Living Wage employer showing our commitment to paying all our staff a fair day's pay for a fair day’s work.


We are also an equal opportunity and disability confident employer and have worked hard to create recruitment processes that are fair and equitable.


As our team has grown it has diversified, and we are well above the Fintech norms in diversity and opportunity.


We continue to work to improve the lives of everyone at OneID®, with great benefits such as flexible working and health benefits.


Giving back to the community

We love working with our non-profit partners, The Good Things Foundation, who work to help people to improve their lives through digital, and Bees & Refugees, who introduce beekeeping as a craft & therapy to refugees and local communities in London whilst supporting the UK’s native black bee population.


We look forward to continuing our work with these partners in the future.


What is OneID®?

OneID® is a product that lets you use the data stored by your bank to prove your identity online safely and securely.

Whether it’s signing an important document, making an age-restricted purchase, or booking an online health appointment, OneID® gives you complete control over your data.

Your data belongs to you, and we think you should be able to freely access your bank-validated identity safely and securely.  

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