OneID® enters a strategic partnership with Bluebird

UK-based digital identity provider, OneID®, has entered a strategic partnership with IT specialists Bluebird. The businesses have agreed to combine their digital identity solutions to offer customers robust identity, e-signing and onboarding solutionsThe partnership will bring new capabilities to organisations that are looking for new ways to bring ID verification in to support key transactions.

March 2023, London (UK) 

Benefits of this strategic partnership include reducing fraud, streamlining operations, and offering a faster, simpler user experience. The synergy between OneID® and Bluebird will ultimately help create safer interactions online. 

OneID®’s identity services can authenticate the identityof 50 million people in the UK. The firm tackles the growing threat of identity fraud. Fraud is currently the most common crime in England and Wales. The demand for ways to protect ourselves online has never been greater, with talks of online safety frequently mentioned by the government and media. OneID®’s identity services help to combat identity fraud in a way that protects both businesses and their customers.   

The partnership builds on recently secured new partnerships with companies such as DocuSign, Millwall FC andSports Alliance. 

Bluebird offers one of the safest digital ID solutions on the market and provides undisputed security features including Handwriting Biometrics for forensic level analysis. Their e-signature platform is now used by over 1 million customers, with billions of documents being digitally signed and archived.  

Neil Jenkinson, Marketing Director at Bluebird commented: “The collaboration with OneID® is one we’re delighted to take to our customers. Our combined capabilities will help UK enterprises gain more trust in digital identity technology and importantly, experience the many powerful benefits of digital ID verification.”  

Bluebird prides itself on offering its customers secure and automated integrations across complicated B2B processes. The partnership will offer customers a better and more secure way to protect their data, fulfilling Bluebird's mission to create outstanding solutions for managing and moving data securely between and within organisations.  

Martin Wilson, CEO of OneID®, commented: “Life online has become the new wild west, with people sharing their identity data without really knowing where it goes or how it is used. Our partnership with Bluebird is another step forward in making the world a safer place.”  


About OneID® 

OneID® is the only provider of truly digital, real-time identity services that create absolute certainty between a business and a customer, in the fastest, cheapest and safest way. Our digital ID services use the most advanced counter-fraud measures to help protect banks, businesses and consumers from online identity fraud. By streamlining existing ID processes, including payments, direct debits, onboarding and more, we help businesses reduce operational costs, increase sales and improve customer engagement.  

As the only UK Identity Service with access to bank-verified data, 50 million UK adults are already set up to use OneID®, for real-time verification. OneID® is government certified, regulated by the FCA and is a B Corp business.  

Head quartered in the UK, we have brought together the best people in Digital Identity, Payments, Banking, Technology and Government to ensure we make the world a safer place. To learn more visit 

About Bluebird IT Solutions 

Bluebird is an IBM Silver Business Partner specialising in IBM Managed File Transfer, Business to Business Integration, Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management solutions.  We sell IBM software and deliver services including design, development, implementation, project management, training and technical support.  

We are the UK operations of TIS GROUP, headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, which has been in operation since 1989. For 30 years TIS Group develops, implements and maintains innovative ICT solutions that touch millions of users.   

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